GR-55: Calibrating the EXP Pedal

Tags: adjust,range,calibrate

The GR-55 contains a pedal calibration feature which can be used to calibrate the on-board EXP pedal. This can be used if the EXP pedal is not functioning as expected, even after you've assigned the correct parameters to it.

Tip: Performing the pedal calibration will not erase or affect any patch or system parameters in the GR-55. 

1. Press EDIT.

2. Press the PAGE right (>) button to access the SYSTEM tab. 

3. Turn the dial to highlight the BACKUP/INIT icon.

4. Press ENTER.

5. Turn the dial to highlight the PEDAL CALIB  icon, and then press ENTER.

6. Move the EXP pedal to the minimum (heel back) position - as described in the display. 

7. Press ENTER - "OK" appears briefly in the display.

8. Press the EXP pedal all the way toe-forward until it stops.

9. Press ENTER.

10. Turn the dial to adjust the desired threshold for the EXP SW (1-16). (This is for the sensitivity of the switch underneath the EXP pedal). A lower value allows the switch to be activated with the less pressure. More pressure would be needed for higher values.

11. Press ENTER.  

12. Press EXIT to return the main menu.