VS-2000CD: Using the Chromatic Tuner

Tags: tuner,vs-2000cd,guitar
The VS-2000 has its own tuner so you can make sure your instruments are in tune before you start recording.

1. Connect the instrument to the desired input.
2. Press the TUNER button and the Chromatic Tuner screen appears.
3. Cursor to the Target box and using the TIME/VALUE dial, select to which input the desired instrument is connected.
4. Cursor to the Pitch box and choose the desired tuning reference. Concert pitch is A=440; therefore, that's the VS-2000's default setting.
5. To hear the instrument you are playing press the F1 button for "Thru" - it should darken.
6. Play a note on the instrument. The note that is closest in pitch to what was played will be displayed. When you're in tune, two arrows will appear and the tuning indicator points straight up.