TD-11: Fixed Hihat

Tags: edit,pedal,closed

The TD-11 contains a "Fixed" Hihat parameter that can be applied in each Kit. When the Fixed parameter is applied, playing on the Hihat pad produces a closed hihat sound without having to have your foot on the Hihat control pedal. This can be convenient  when the foot that you normally use for your Hihat pedal is busy with another task  - like performing a double-bass technique.     

There are four different Fixed settings for the hihat. These are different Hihat "Closed" sounds, with "FIXED 1" producing a tight closed Hihat sound - to "FIXED 4" which produces a slightly more open Hihat sound.      

Here's how to access this feature.

1. Choose a Kit to edit.

2. Press MENU.

3. Press the function 1 (F1) button (INST).

4. Hit the Hihat pad.

5. Press F2 (EDIT).

6. Cursor down to "FixedHH."

7. Turn the dial to choose the desired setting - (NORMAL, FIXED 1-4).

8. Press EXIT three times when you're finished. The new setting is saved in the Kit automatically.

Repeat the steps for any other Kits as desired.