V-Synth: Listening to the Demo Song

Tags: song,v-synth,demo
The V-Synth contains five demonstration (“demo”) songs. These songs will introduce you to the V-Synth’s incredible sounds and effects. Use the following procedure to listen to the demo songs:

1. Hold down SHIFT and press MODE.

2. Touch EXECUTE on the screen to load the demo song data. (If you enter the Demo Play mode without saving any edited data, that data will be lost.)

3. Touch the song number that you wish to hear.

4. Touch PLAY to start the demo song playback. (When the demo song reaches the end, it will automatically return to the top of the song and continue playing. Touch STOP to end playback.)

5. To exit the Demo Play mode, touch EXIT.

6. Touch EXECUTE and you’ll be returned to the PATCH PLAY screen.