SP-505: Sampling

Tags: cd,record,mic,microphone,sample,sp-505,line
Use the following procedure to sample from a connected CD/MD player or microphone:

1. Connect a microphone—or the CD/MD player’s outputs—to the appropriate SP-505 inputs (refer to Page 40 of the SP-505 Owner’s Manual).

2. Press PAD BANK.

3. Turn the VALUE dial to select User Bank 2.

4. Press ENTER.

5. Press SAMPLING.

Note: Any pad that doesn’t already contain a sample flashes.

6. Press the desired flashing pad.

7. Press SOURCE SELECT repeatedly to select the desired type of input. Choose either MIC or LINE so it lights.

8. Speak into the microphone or start playback of the CD/MD player.

9. Turn the RECORD LEVEL knob to adjust the level of the incoming signal.

Note: For best results, set the RECORD LEVEL knob so that the third bar from the top of the displayed meter lights occasionally.

10. Press SAMPLING to begin recording.

11. Press SAMPLING again to stop recording.

12. Play the PAD to listen to your new sample.