VM-3100: EQ - Accessing Directly from Control Knobs

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The VM-3100 provides a three band EQ for each channel so you can adjust the
low, mid and high frequencies of your signals. EQ settings are retained by the
VM-3100 even when you power down. However, it is suggested that you save your
EQ settings - along with the rest of your mixer settings - to one of the
VM-3100's mixer Scenes for safekeeping (more on how to save your mixer settings

The VM-3100's EQ can be easily accessed directly from the EQ control knobs:

1) Press the [SELECT] button for the channel that you want to adjust EQ
2) Turn the [HIGH], [MID] or [LOW] EQ knob to automatically call up the 'EQ'
3) Press [F4(ON)] to activate the EQ for the channel.
4) Use the DOWN, UP, LEFT or RIGHT page buttons to select the EQ setting that
you want to adjust.
5) Rotate the VALUE dial to adjust the 'Hi', 'Mid', 'Low', 'Q' settings or
gain settings.

NOTE: When in the 'EQ' display, the [HIGH], [MID] and [LOW] EQ knobs control
their respected gain settings.

6) Press [SELECT] to choose another channel to adjust.
7) Press [LEVEL METER(BIG TC)] to exit the EQ display when you have finished
adjusting your EQ settings.