GM-70: Loading System Exclusive Data into the GM-70

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Use the following procedure to load System Exclusive data into the GM-70 GR
MIDI Converter:

1) Set the toggle switch on the back of the unit to MIDI.
2) Press DATA TRANSFER and FUNCTION UP until the display reads: MIDI RX CH=??
3) Use the VALUE keys to set the receive channel to [10].
4) Press FUNCTION until the display reads: BULK LOAD= ??
5) Use the VALUE key to select [11/88] which is group A, or [-11/88] which is
group B: BULK LOAD.
6) Press ENTER. Play the data into the GM-70 from the external MIDI device.
The screen will change to: LOAD ALL.
7) When the data is fully loaded, the display will return to the patch that
was in the GM-70's memory buffer. Change the patch with the VALUE keys and the
new patches will come into the display screen.