MC-50, MC-50MKII: Creating a Playlist/Configuration File

Tags: mc-50,mc-50mkii
The MC-50 and MC-50MKII can playback a list of songs in any order. Use the
following procedure to create a Playlist/Configuration File:

1) While holding Keypad #2, turn the unit on.
2) Insert a disk containing S-MRC song files.
3) Press ENTER.
4) If necessary, press STOP at the "Attn! NO SEQUENCE Press STOP" prompt.
5) If necessary, use the DIAL to select "MODE 2 CONFIG."
6) Press ENTER to display "CNFG 1 SEQUENCE [A]- 1>."
7) Press ENTER to display "CNFG 1 0% 0% [A]- 1>."
8) Press ENTER.
9) Use the DIAL to select a song title for the first song position.
10) Press ENTER.
11) Repeat steps 9 and 10 for each additional song.
12) Press STOP when finished.
13) While holding SHIFT, press MODE.
14) If necessary, use the DIAL to select "MODE 1 PLAY."
15) Press ENTER to load the file you have just created.
16) Press PLAY again to begin playback.