Fantom-S88, Fantom-S: Writing a Sample into Memory

Tags: fantom-s,fantom-s88
Newly recorded samples must be written into the memory before turning off the Fantom-S/-S88 — otherwise, the sample will be lost. Use the following procedure to save a sample:

1. Press SAMPLE LIST so it’s lit.

2. Turn VALUE to select the desired sample.

3. Press WRITE.

4. Press F3 (Sample).

5. Use the VALUE dial and CURSOR buttons to name the sample.

6. Press F8 (Write).

7. Press F2 to select User—if you’re using a SmartMedia card, press F3 to select Card.

8. Turn the VALUE dial to select a destination for the sample.

9. Press F8 (Write).

10. Press F8 (Exec).