CD-2u: What Type of Blank CDs are Compatible?

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The CD-2U can burn at two different speeds: 4X and 8X. This means that the CD-2U can use any disc that can write up to 8X speed. When the packaging on a blank CD disc says "4X - 12X", it means that the disc can write up to 12X speed and can support the CD-2U's 4X or 8X write speed. Another example are discs that have a 52X write speed written on the packaging. That means that the blank disc can burn up to 52X speed or lower and can support the CD-2U's 4X or 8X write speed.

Here are blank CD specifications for the CD-2U:

  • Use CD-R or CD-RW "data" discs.
    Note: "Music" discs or discs meant for "music recording" are not compatible for burning on the CD-2U--"data" discs only.
  • Blank CD-R discs that have a burn speed of 8X or higher are compatible.
  • Blank CD-RW discs that have a burn speed of 4X or higher are compatible.
  • Blank discs generally come in "700MB/80 mins" and "650MB/74 mins"; the CD-2U is compatible with both.
  • Blank CD-R and CD-RW discs can be found in most electronic or computer stores or online. For example: searching on Google Shopping for "CD-R blank data disc 12X" or  "CD-R blank data disc 52x". Here are example searches:
    "CD-R blank data disc 12X"
    "CD-R blank data disc 52X"
  • Approximately 90% of the correspondence we receive regarding failed burns are due to error-prone CD-R media. Because we insist our products create pressing plant-ready CD masters, only specific CD-R brands have a satisfactorily low error rate to burn properly. Look for CD-Rs manufactured at the Taiyo Yuden plant in Japan. If the CD-Rs say "MADE IN JAPAN" anywhere on the packaging, they should work just fine. Below are a few brands that we have had good success with:
    Taiyo Yuden, Discmakers, Microboards, Plextor, Apogee, BASF, HHB, and Mitsui Gold.

    Avoid common off the shelf, low quality and error prone CDs such as Memorex, TDK, Maxell, Sony, Imation and