How do I switch from Poly Mode to Mono Mode?

Tags: v-synth,d-50,d-550,xt,vc-1
Note to V-Synth XT users: This article applies to D-50 mode only.

By default, the D-50 is in poly mode; that is, the two available tones respond to one MIDI channel each. As various Roland MIDI guitar devices (GR-33, GI-20, etc.) transmit on multiple MIDI channels, the D-50 must be switched to mono mode.

This is accomplished only via an external MIDI device.

1. Send a Control Change 126 message (value of 127) to switch the D-50 to Mono mode.
2. When finished, send a Control Change 127 message (value of 127) to switch the D-50 back to Poly mode.