GR-20: Setting Sensitivity

Tags: level,adjust,gr-20
Adjusting the sensitivity in the GR-20 is crucial for optimum tracking results. Use the following steps to set the sensitivity:

1. Press SENS so it is lit.

2. Play the 1st string (High “E”) repeatedly with the maximum amount of force you would use during your actual performance. The Left character in LED represents the string number. The Right character in the LED represents the sensitivity value. The vertical set of BANK indicators (just to the left of the BANK dial) will function as a level meter and show the strength of the GK pickup signal).

3. Turn the NUMBER/VALUE knob to adjust the sensitivity so that all the indicators light up briefly each time the string is played. (A sensitivity value of 1-9 is available).

4. Repeat the process for each of the remaining strings.
Tip: You can also select the individual strings by pressing the HOLD and/or GLIDE pedals.

5. When finished, press SENS so it is not lit or press EXIT.