VM-3100: Monitoring Digital Audio

Tags: vm-3100
The VM-3100 can mix or monitor digital audio sources. To monitor digital audio
through the VM-3100 use the following procedures:

1) Lower the channel and master faders completely before proceeding.
2) Plug the coaxial (RCA) or optical connector into the corresponding input
3) Turn the POWER switch on.
4) Hold SHIFT and press DIGITAL IN[CLK SELECT]. "M. CLK SELECT" will be
5) Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select the appropriate digital input (DIN-A or
DIN-B). "Digital IN Checking" will be displayed. "Digital IN Locked!" will
indicate successful word clock lock. "Digital IN Unlocked - Temporary INT"
will indicate failure and will default back to internal clock status.
5) Press the [DIGITAL IN] button, then turn the LEVEL knob clockwise to the
12-2 o’clock position.
6) Bring up the master fader up slowly until a suitable level is achieved.