FP-4F: Using an Expression Pedal with the FP-4F

Tags: expression,fp-4f
Use the following procedure to use an EV-5 or EV-7 expression pedal with your FP4F:

1. Connect the EV-5/7 to the L(FC1) or C(FC2) socket on the rear of the FP-4F.

NOTE: Be sure to set the rotary knob on the EV-5/7 to the "minimum" or "counterclockwise" position.

2. While holding the REVERB button, press the EQUALIZER button so that both are lit. Release both buttons.

3. Use the + / - buttons to the right of the display to select the "L.PDL FNC" menu or "C.PDL FNC" menu. Be sure to select the menu for the socket to which you've connected the expression pedal.

4. Press the DISPLAY button once to confirm your selection.

5. Use the lit + / - buttons to the right of the display to select "EXPR."

6. Press either the REVERB or EQUALIZER button to exit.

NOTE: This setting will be erased when you turn off the FP-4F. If you wish to keep your setting, be sure to save it in a registration memory.