BR-800: Importing Song Sketches into Tracks

Tags: import,track,song,wav,br-800,sketch
Audio files that were recorded using the Song Sketch feature can imported into tracks. This is handy if you've come up with a song idea in Song Sketch and would like to record additional tracks for it.

1. Load up the BR-800 song, or create a new song, into which you'd like to import the Song Sketch.

2. Press the TRACK button.

3. Cursor down to "TRACK EDIT," and then press ENTER.

4. Cursor down to "SONG SKETCH IMPORT," and then press ENTER.

5. Cursor to "SOURCE:" and then turn the silver dial to select the Song Sketch idea you'd like to import.

6. Cursor to "DEST :" and then turn the dial to select the track and V-Track onto which you'd like to import the Song Sketch idea.

Note: if you haven't already been changing the song's track/ V-Track assignments, you may want to choose V-Track 1 of your DEST track. If your Song Sketch idea would be fine in mono, that could be TRACK 1-V1, or if you want it in stereo, TRACK 5/6- V1.

7. Press ENTER twice—the Song Sketch idea is imported into the DEST track and V-Track that you specified.

8. Press EXIT twice to return to the home screen.