GT-8: Using the Number Pedals to Activate the Tuner (Number Pedal Switch)

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You can use the Number Pedals (1-4) on the GT-8 activate the Tuner, the Solo switch or toggle between channels A/B. This feature is referred to "Number Pedal Switch." Use the following steps to assign the Number Pedals to turn the TUNER On and Off:

1. Press SYSTEM.

2. Press PARAMETER Right (>) ten times to select "SYS: Numbr Pdl SW".

3. Turn the VALUE dial to choose "TUNER."
Tip: You can choose either one of the following functions;
TUNER: Activates the Tuner.
SOLO : Activates the SOLO function.
Amp Ch. Select: Switches between channel A and B.

4. When you're finished, press EXIT.

5. Use the BANK Up/Down and NUMBER pedals to select a desired Patch. Step on the same Number Pedal to toggle the function you chose in Step 3, On/Off.