VS-890, VS-880EX, VS-880: Using NUMERICS to Locate to a Particular Position in the Song

Tags: vs-880,vs-880ex,vs-890,time,locate,location,numerics
Many methods can be used to get to a particular location in a song. One method uses the NUMERICS key. Use the following procedure to locate to a specific song location using NUMERICS:

1. Press PLAY/DISPLAY to return to the PLAY condition.

2. Press NUMERICS (on a VS-890, hold SHIFT and press SCENE/NUMERICS).

NOTE: While NUMERICS is lit, all the buttons under the LOCATOR section of the VS will function as numerical input buttons (much like a calculator). The corresponding numbers are printed in white beneath the buttons.

3. Press selected keys relating to the time you wish to enter into the VS. For example, to input a time of 5 seconds, 10 frames, press AUTO PUNCH (5), PREVIOUS (1), and CLEAR (0) from the "0" point on the timeline (beginning of the song).

4. Press YES to complete the entry and advance to the time. The VS will instantly locate to that position.