XV-5080: Loading Saved Sample Data

Tags: xv-5080
When you perform the Save function on an XV-5080 your are saving all of the
User Performances, Patches, Rhythm Kits and loaded samples into a single file.
However when you wish to load from your saved file, you can select a single
Performance, Patch, Rhythm Kit or Sample or a Marked group of
Performances,Patches, Rhythm Kits or Samples. To load a Patch from a saved
file, use the following procedure:

1. Press DISK.
2. Press F1 "Load."
3. Press F1 "Drive."
4. Use the Up and down CURSOR buttons to highlight the Drive that contains
the saved files.
5. Press F6 "OK."
6. User the CURSORS to highlight the saved file.
7. Press the Right CURSOR button to open the file.
8. Use the CURSORS to highlight "PATCH."
9. Press the Right CURSOR to open the Patch folder.
10. Use the Up and Down CURSORS to highlight the Patch that you wish to load.
11. Press F5 "Mark."
12. Press F6 "Select."
13. Press F6 "Load."
14. Use the VALUE dial to select a User location for the Patch.
15. Press F6 "OK."
16. Press F6 "OK."
17. Press PATCH to exit to the Patch Play Display.