G-600: Using a SMF to Change Realtime Tones

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When playing along with a Standard MIDI File (SMF), you may find it desirable
to have the SMF automatically change Realtime Tones as you play.
To do this, the SMF must first contain the appropriate CC00 and PC messages
(see the Tone Lists on pages 212-215 of the G-600 Owner’s Manual)
on MIDI channels that correspond with the desired Realtime Parts. This
correspondence is as follows:

UP1=MIDI channel 4
UP2=MIDI channel 6
LWR=MIDI channel 11
MBS=MIDI channel 12
MDR=MIDI channel 16

Then, in the the G-600, the Tone Change switch for each of the desired parts
must be set to "Song."
To make these settings, use the following procedure:

1) Press TONE so it is lit.
2) While holding SHIFT, press F1[RTime].
3) Use the PAGE v / ^ buttons to select the desired Realtime Part.
4) Use the DRUMS/PART v / ^ buttons to display [Sng].
5) Repeat steps 3 & 4 to make settings for other Parts.
6) Press F5[Exit] to return to the Master display.

NOTE: These settings must be saved in a Performance memory (see G-600-Saving
Settings in a Performance Memory).