TD-12S-BK, TD-12S-WT, TD-12: Selecting and Auditioning Drum Kits

Tags: td-12s-bk,td-12,td-12s-wt
There are 50 drum kits in the TD-12, ready to go. Use the following steps to select and try out a few:

1. Press KIT so it's lit.

2. Turn the VALUE dial or press the +/- buttons to select 19 UNIVERSE.

3. Play the pads—try performing some rim shots with the toms.

4. Now turn the VALUE dial clockwise or press the + button to select 21 Rock Band.

5. Play the pads. Strike the bow of Crash 1—this starts one of the patterns in the TD-12 using the Pad Pattern feature. Hit some of the other pads to trigger additional tap-type patterns while the original pattern keeps playing.

6. Strike the bow of Crash 1 again to stop the pattern.