STUDIO-CAPTURE, UA-1610: Setting Up a Stereo Monitor Mix

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The STUDIO-CAPTURE offers four independent Direct Monitor Mixers for creating monitor mixes without sending them through your computer (direct monitoring). A stereo mixer is provided for you to specify the balance by adjusting the level and pan individually. Each mix can be routed to any of the analog outputs and can take advantage of the internal 40-bit DSP processing. This is perfect for sending custom monitor mixes to headphones, speakers or recording devices. The following example will guide you through setting up a single stereo monitor mix that will be send identical signals out of LINE OUT 1L,2R jacks, PHONES 1 jack, PHONES 2 jack and MONITOR OUT 1L, 2R jacks.

  1. Connect monitor speakers to the LINE OUT 1L,2R jacks or MONITOR OUT 1L, 2R jacks.
    Or connect headphones to PHONES 1 jack and/or PHONES 2 jack.

  2. Turn up the volume on your monitor speakers and/or PHONES LEVEL knobs on the STUDIO-CAPTURE.
    Note: Be careful not to turn up the volume too much--as this may cause feedback, damage the speakers/headphones or possibly damage to your hearing.

  3. Press and hold the VALUE knob (MENU button) for a few seconds. The System screen appears.

  4. Use the buttons to select "PATCHBAY" and then press the  cursor button.
    NOTE: The patch bay is not available when operating at a sampling rate of 192 kHz.

  5. Use the buttons to select  "OUTPUT 1-2” and then turn the VALUE knob to select "MIX A”.

  6. Press the DISPLAY button twice to return to the main screen and then press the  cursor button to access the MIX A screen.

  7. Use the  buttons to select a desire parameter menu:

  8. You can also turn the [DIRECT MONITOR] knob to adjust the overall level of all direct monitoring.

  9. Press the  cursor button to select the MIX A MASTER screen.

  10. Use the  buttons to move the cursor to both left and right output level faders and then use the VALUE dial to raise them to a desired level.

  11. Press the MIX SEL button to return to the mixer view.