MC-50MKII: Updating System Software on External MIDI Devices

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The MC-50 MKII can be used to perform system updates that are in Standard MIDI
File format. Use the following procedure to load and transmit a system update
to a connected MIDI device:

1) Use a MIDI cable to connect the MIDI output of the MC-50 MkII to the MIDI
input of the connected MIDI device.
2) Insert the system update disk into the MC-50 MkII disk drive.
3) Hold SHIFT and press MODE.
4) Use the VALUE dial to select "MODE 2 DISK."
5) Press ENTER.
6) Use the VALUE dial to select "6 LOAD [MIDI FILE]."
7) Press ENTER to display "LOAD SMF FROM DISK."
8) Press ENTER to display "LOAD 1 . . ."
9) Use the VALUE dial to select the first update file.
10) Press ENTER to display "Sure? >> Press LOAD."
11) Press REC/LOAD to display "Loading. Please Wait."

NOTE: System update data files can be quite large and can take several minutes
to load. The track lights will flash and then remain lit while the file is
loading from disk. "6 LOAD [MIDI FILE]" will be displayed when the file has
finished loading.

12) Hold SHIFT and press MODE.
13) Press STOP to return to the main menu.
14) Press PLAY/SAVE so it is lit to begin updating the system software of the
connected MIDI device.

NOTE: When PLAY/SAVE is no longer lit, the file has finished loading into the
connected MIDI device.

15) Turn the MC-50 MkII off and back on again to purge the internal memory.
16) Repeat steps 3 through 15 for the remaining update files.