PC-300: Problems Installing Drivers

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If your installation hangs, check to see if your host controller is compatable, and if it is, do this installation method:

Roland designed our USB devices in accordance with specs and passed all USB compatibility tests, which are continuously held and organized by USB Inplementers Forum (USB-IF). Roland found that some computer chips for USB interface I/O were not designed to handle real-time audio and/or MIDI information. The following list of compatible host controller chips have been tested to work with the RolandED USB product line:

* Intel 82371AB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
* Intel 82371AB/EB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
* Intel 82371SB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
* Intel 82801 AA PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
* Intel 82440MX PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
* ALi PCI to USB Open Host Controller

To check the PCI to USB controller in your computer:

1. Select Control Panel in the Settings group from the Start menu of Windows.

2. Double-Click the System icon in the control Panel, and click the Device Manager tab in the System Properties dialog box.

3. Double-Click the Universal Serial Bus Controller icon in the Device Manager list.

If your computer has a compatible USB chip but you are still having difficulty with the driver installation, please follow these instructions to correct the problem:

Note: Unplug all USB devices from your computer before you continue.

1. Close all programs and then reboot your computer. Wait until a few seconds after it starts to boot up, then slowly tap the F8 key. If Windows begins to load it means you've pressed the F8 key too late and will need to reboot and try again.

2. Next you'll see a list of startup options for Windows. Choose the option for "Safe Mode" (#3) and press enter.

3. Once Windows has started in Safe Mode, press the "Start" button and then choose "Settings >," then "Control Panel," then double-click "System," and click the "Device Manager" tab. Next double-click "Universal serial bus controller" to see the list of devices.

4. Remove all instances of "USB Composite Device" from the list.

5. Make sure once more than there are no USB devices currently connected to your computer, then reboot and return to normal Windows mode.

6. Place the disc labeled "Cubasis AV" into your CD-ROM drive, then plug the USB cable into your PC-300 and power on the device.

7. The "Add New Hardware Wizard" dialog box will appear, and will indicate "This wizard searches for new drivers for : USB Composite Device." Click "Next>."

8. When you are asked "What do you want Windows to do?", select "Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location, so you can select the driver you want.", and click "Next >."

9. When the display asks "Select the manufacturer and model of your hardware device. ---" click "Have disk ..."

10. The "Install From Disk" dialog box will appear. Specify the folder that contains the driver as the "Copy manufacturer's files from," and click the "OK" button.

Example) If the driver is in the "DRIVERSWIN98" folder of drive D, you would type "D:DRIVERSWIN98"

11. Verify that "Roland PC-300 USB Driver" is displayed as the model, and click "Next >."

12. When the display indicates "Windows driver file search for the device. ---" click "Next >." The driver files will be copied. Please wait until the copying is completed.