BR-1600, BR-1600CD: Importing BR-1200 or BR-1180 Songs

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The BR-1600CD allows you to convert BR-1180CD/1200CD song data and import it.


  • The BR-1600CD's operating system needs to be updated to Version 2. To see if your BR-1600CD is already running Version 2:

    • Turn off the BR-1600CD and then turn the power back on.

    • While booting up, “Version 2” should appear beneath “BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio.”

    • If “Version 2” does not appear, you may download and install Version 2 here:
      BR-1600CD Version 2 Download
      NOTE: Update instructions are included with the download.

  • Importing BR-1180CD/1200CD songs requires that the songs first be backed up to a CD-R/RW disc using the “Song Backup” function.
    NOTE: Songs cannot be imported from discs made with the “HDD Backup” function.

  • If you are using the BR-1180 (without the CD-R/RW drive), you will not be able to back up the songs to CD-R/RW discs and thus cannot import these songs into the BR-1600CD. In this case, you can simply connect the left and right LINE OUTs of the BR-1180 into a couple of inputs on the BR-1600CD (e.g. input 1 and input 2) and record the BR-1180's audio in-real time into the BR-1600CD--just like you are recording a CD player or keyboard.

The following will guide you through importing song data from a BR-1180CD or BR-1200CD and into the BR-1600CD:

  1. Use the “Song Backup” function in the BR-1180CD or BR-1200CD using the instructions below:
    - BR-1180CD: Song Backup
    - BR-1200CD: Song Backup
    NOTE: Songs MUST be backed up using the BR-1180CD’s or BR-1200CD’s “Song Backup” function. The BR-1600CD cannot import from discs made with the BR-1180CD’s or BR-1200CD’s “HDD Backup” function.

  2. Insert a CD-R/RW disc containing backup BR-1180CD/1200CD’s songs into the BR-1600CD’s CD-R/RW drive.

  3. Press CD-R/RW [DATA SAVE/LOAD].

  4. Press [F2] (RECOVER) or move the cursor to RECOVER, and then press [ENTER/YES].

  5. Press [F1] (SONG) or move the cursor to SONG, and then press [ENTER/YES]. A list of the CD-R/RW disc’s backup songs will be displayed.

  6. Move the cursor to the song you want to convert and press [F1] (SELECT).
    - A number of songs can be selected in this way for conversion and an asterisk (*) will be displayed for each selected song.
    - If you would like to convert all of the songs on the CDR/RW disc in a single operation, press [F2] (ALL).

  7. When you have selected all of the songs you want to convert, press [F4] (“CONVERT” or “GO”).

  8. When the message “Complete!” appears, it indicates that the convert has been completed successfully.



The following data can be imported from the BR-1180CD.

■ Each Track   
    • Recorded data
    • PAN/EQ
    • CHORUS/REVERB send level

■ The following data of the song bank
    • Effect patches (except for patches using the EG MULTI 1 algorithm)
    • Rhythm arrangements (arrangements using Preset/User patterns are left blank)
    • Rhythm patterns
    • Loop Phrases

      Note: Scenes and their links are deleted.
    * Data that was recorded on the BR-1180CD in MT1/MT2/LV1/LV2 modes will all be converted to LIN.