Integra-7: Using the Virtual Expansion Boards


The Integra-7 has four virtual expansion slots available for loading sounds from the built-in SRX-01 through SRX-02 as well as Expansion SuperNATURAL sounds and a full HQ GM2 sound bank. Use the following procedure to load a bank of sounds so it can be used:

1. Press MENU.

2. CURSOR to "EXPANSION" and press ENTER.

3.CURSOR to Virtual Slot A, B, C or D and use the VALUE DIAL to select the desired expansion set.

4. CURSOR to "LOAD" and press ENTER.

You can now use this set of sounds in a Studio Set

Note: You can also use the shortcut SHIFT + MENU to access this screen.

If you want the expansion sounds to be automatically loaded at start-up, use the following procedure:

1. Press MENU.

2. CURSOR to "SYSTEM" and press ENTER.

3. Select the "STARTUP" tab and select the desired startup sound set for each expansion slot (A-D).

4. Hold SHIFT and press EDIT to save these settings.