VG-STRAT, G-5: G-5 / VG Strat Comparison

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VG strat was built around an American Standard Fender Stratocaster.

The G-5 is a hybrid. It uses the American neck and tuners, and the pickups and bridge are from the Standard Strat made in Mexico.

The modeling technology in the G-5 guitar has some improvements and enhancements that the VG Strat didn't have:

Addition of a jazz guitar model.

Reverb on the acoustic sounds (controllable with a knob).

Four new virtual pickup sounds:

-Two on the Telecaster model

-Two on the humbucker model

*Switch positions 2,3,4 model the standard 3-position switch. Positions 1 & 5 are new enhanced virtual pickup models. These positions didn't do anything on the VG Strat.