BR-532: Recording A Stereo Keyboard Or Stereo Sub Mixer

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NOTE : You may need RCA to 1/4" instrument cables to connect your keyboard/sub-mixer to the BR-532.

1. Connect the stereo (left and right) main output of your keyboard or sub-mixer to the LINE IN connectors on the rear of the BR-532

2. Press the LINE IN's INPUT SELECT button so that it lights red. It's located right below the LINE INPUT black and white SENS knob.

3. Make sure the large black INPUT LEVEL knob is set to 12 o'clock.

4. Press the REC TRACK button #1 to record on tracks 1 and 2, or press #3 to record on tracks 3 and 4. Both REC TRACK lights for 1 and 2 (or 3 and 4) should be flashing red meaning that those tracks are armed for recording.

5. Raise the faders of the tracks that you will record to the black shaded area next to the fader's guide.

6. Raise the MASTER fader and play your keyboard or allow signal to pass from your sub-mixer. Adjust the MASTER fader to a comfortable listening level.

7. Check the level meter on the screen. The hollow square at the end of the level meter is the peak of the meter and should appear occasionally when you are playing the keyboard with the volume turned completely up or when loud signals are being sent from the sub-mixer . If it doesn't, then raise the black INPUT LEVEL knob so that it does appear momentarily at the loudest part of your performance.

8. Press and hold the REC button, then press PLAY to start recording. After you've finished press STOP.

9. To playback your performance, press the ZERO button, then press PLAY.

NOTE : It's possible to record to one track instead of a pair of tracks. This would result in a mono version of your stereo keyboard or sound coming from your sub-mixer. To do so, follow the steps above, but press the REC TRACK button for the track you want to record to twice. This will make only that REC TRACK light flash red.