RD-300GX: Assigning Rotary Fast/Slow Control to a Pedal

Tags: pedal,rd-300gx
Use the following procedure to assign Rotary Control to an DP-2/DP-8/DP-10 pedal connected to the RD-300GX:

1. Connect the DP-2 to the CONTROL socket on the back of the keyboard.

2. On the RD-300GX, press EDIT so it is lit.

3. Use the INC/DEC buttons to select "COMMON."

4. Press ENTER.

5. Use the INC/DEC CURSOR to select "CTRL PEDAL FUNC."

6. Press ENTER.

7. Use the INC/DEC buttons to select “MFX SW."

8. Press EDIT so it is not lit.

Your DP-2 pedal will now function as a Rotary Fast/Slow control on the Organ Tones that have the Rotary effect assigned to them.

NOTE: You will have to save your settings in a SET-UP before you turn off the RD-300GX. See "Saving A SetUp" for instructions.