BR-1180CD: Using Markers to Signify CD Tracks before Burning Your CD

Tags: cd,track,burn,song,br-1180cd,marker
With version 2.0 software, the BR-1180 is able to burn a multi-song project (recorded as 1 song) to CD with seperate CD tracks. Use the following procedure to place CD markers in the current project:

1. Hold TAP and press MARK where you want to place a CD track marker.
A marker is set at that location, and a "T" appears in the marker name area on the main display. At the same time, the CD track number is automatically set as the marker name.

2. Repeat step 1 at all the locations where you want CD tracks to be created.

NOTE: You cannot set a new marker within 100 milliseconds before or after an existing marker. In such instances, first clear the existing marker, then carry out step 1 to place the new marker.