FR-8X: How to Browse Amongst the Different Accordions (sets)

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FR-8X: How to Browse Amongst the Different Accordions (sets)

The FR-8X comes pre-programmed with 36 sets, all of which have been modeled after different acoustic accordions.  When you change a set, think of it as putting on a different accordion entirely. For each set, there are 14 registers available.  Each register is created from a different combinations of reeds, and therefore has a different sound – some are higher, some are lower, and some just have a different tone quality.  

To play the various accordion models, all you need to do is scroll through the sets.  To do this:

1) Press the left and right arrows that are located beneath the word SET.

2) The screen on top of the accordion will show you what the name and number of the set is as you scroll.  Be sure to keep track of which ones you like the best so you can come back to them.

3) Make sure to experiment with the 14 treble registers and 7 bass registers within each set, as they’re all different!