Singer Song Writer: Resolving a Possible Font Conflict

Tags: windows,view,song,characters,singer,writer,95
Once the Singer Song Writer score editor has been opened, a Staff with notes should appear. If a different font appears, (instead of the staff with notes) it may be caused by a common font conflict. This problem can be resolved by reversing the order in which the fonts are installed. Use following the steps to correct the font conflict:

1. Close the Singer Song Writer program.

2. In the Windows 95 Start menu, choose "Settings / Control Panel."

3. Double-click the "Fonts" folder.

4. Under the View menu, select "Details." Doing this shows all the file details.

5. Drag the "Wingdings" font and the "Music" font to the desktop - (The Music font may be displayed as nine vertical lines at the top of the list).

6. Drag the Music font back into the opened fonts folder.

7. Drag the Wingdings font back into the opened fonts folder.

8. Close the fonts folder and the Control Panel.

9. Drag the two font files on the desktop into the Recycle Bin.

10. Start the Singer Song Writer program and open the Score Editor. The font will now appear correctly.