BR-864: Importing Audio with the BR-864

Tags: aiff,import,usb,br-864,wav
The BR-864 has the capability of importing .wav or .aiff files from a computer through a USB connection. This can be useful when the need arises to integrate audio from other sources into your BR project. This can be from third party audio software, or from "Loops" CD's.

The import procedure is as follows:

1.) Connect the BR-864 to your computer with a USB cable.

2.) Press the 'USB' button.

3.) Use the 'TIME VALUE' Wheel to call up "Import", and press 'ENTER'.

4.) The next step is to determine to what track(s) you want to import the file. The first number listed is the track, while the second number is the V-Track. Use the 'TIME VALUE' Wheel to dial in the destination you wish. You can either use an individual track (TR 1v1 for example), or you can use a stereo pair (TR 12v1). Once you locate the track you want, press 'ENTER'.

5.) Now you must decide where in time you want the file to be imported. You can choose to have the file import to the beginning of the song (this is the default condition, if this is what you want, press 'ENTER'), or you can dial in the time, measure, or marker you want to import to using the 'TIME VALUE' Wheel, and press 'ENTER'.

6.) Now from your computer, open up the BR-864 (or "Removable Disk") icon. Inside, you will see a "Roland" folder. Open it. Inside of here, you will see a "USB" folder. Drag the file you want to import to this folder.

** Please note that you can only import 1 (one) file at a time **

Once complete, press the 'USB' button again to disconnect the USB. You should now have the audio on the requested tracks.