RD-700: Assigning the Foot Pedal to Control Rotary Speed

Tags: effects,switch,rd-700
It is possible to control the speed of the Rotary effect with a DP-2 or DP-6 pedal plugged in to the FC1 or FC2 pedal input. Use the following procedure to assign the pedal to control Rotary Speed:

1. Select Tone "064 Gospel Spin."

2. Plug DP-2 or DP-6 in to the FC-1 Pedal input.

3. Press EDIT.

4. CURSOR to "2. Control/EQ."

5. CURSOR Right to highlight "FC-1."

6. Use DEC/NO and INC/YES to set "FC-1" to "CC04: FOOT TYPE."

7. CURSOR Down to highlight "CONTROL."

8. Use DEC/NO and INC/YES to select "MFX Control."

9. CURSOR Down to highlight "Src:."

10. Use DEC/NO and INC/YES to select "CC04: FOOT TYPE."

11. Press the MULTI EFFECT ON/OFF button so it is lit.

NOTE: If the selected Tone does not use the Rotary effect, see Help Desk entry "Selecting and Assigning Multi Effects to a Part."