BR-864: Inserting a New Step into a Rhythm Arrangement

Tags: rhythm,br-864,arrangement,arrange,drums,step
Use the following procedure to insert a new step in the current rhythm arrangement at the location of the present step:

NOTE: * The parameter value of inserted step will be the same as of the targeted step.

1. Make sure performance of the song is stopped, then press [ARRANGE/PATTERN/OFF] repeatedly until the indicator is lit.

2. Press [PROGRAM].

3. Press [CURSOR] to move the cursor to “EDIT,” and press [ENTER]. The Arrangement Edit screen appears.

4. Press CURSOR [< or >] repeatedly to move the cursor to “INSERT.”

5. To insert a step, press [ENTER]. To cancel the operation, press CURSOR [<] to return to the Arrangement Edit screen. When you press [ENTER], the display indicates “Insert!” then returns to the Arrangement Edit screen.