VS-2000CD: EZ Routing - Tracks

Tags: bounce,route,vs-2000cd,submix
EZ Routing allows you to route inputs to tracks, tracks to tracks, and the FX returns to tracks. The following is the procedure for routing recorded tracks to other tracks.

1. Press the EZ Routing button.

2. Cursor to the TRACK MIXER box and highlight the track
you want to route.

3. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to connect a line to the track
you want record to.
(Repeat steps 2 and 3 if you have more than one track you want to route.)

4. Press the HOME button to exit and return to the main
display screen.

Note: The new recording track(s) will only record at the level the original track(s) are playing back at, since there is no input fader level on a track bounce.