TD-20S-BK, TD-20S-WT: Box Weight and Dimensions

Tags: td-20s-bk,td-20s-wt
The TD-20S is currently available in black (TD-20S-BK) or white (TD-20S-WT) and the components are packaged in three separate boxes as follows;

TD-20K1 box:
(1) TD-20 Percussion Module
(2) CY-14C V-Cymbals
(1) CY-15R V-Cymbal
(1) VH-12 Hi-Hat
Weight 32lbs.
Dimensions - 29" (Long) x 19"(Wide) x 19" (High)

TD-20K2 box:
(3) PD-125 mesh pads (BK or WT)
(2) PD-105 mesh pads (BK or WT)
(1) KD-120 mesh kick pad (BK or WT)
Weight 61 lbs.
Dimensions - 28" (Long) x 22"(Wide) x 22" (High)

MDS-20 BK (stand) box:
Weight 44lbs.
Dimensions - 37 1/2" (long) x 25 1/2"(wide) x 10" (high)