UA-700: SYMPTOM: Not hearing sound through MIDI on the UA-700

Tags: midi,sounds,ua-700
The UA-700 includes a MIDI OUT and MIDI IN to and from the USB cable so you can connect a MIDI controller (MIDI keyboard or synthesizer), have that keyboard MIDI info pass through the UA-700 and into your software. It will also allow MIDI info from your software to pass through to the MIDI OUT connector and actuate external MIDI equipment.

But the UA-700 is not a MIDI controller itself. It will not produce or actuate sounds in your recording software. It is designed to capture audio and process it with very high quality for recording in your computer.

To actuate voices, patches or instruments in your software, you will need a MIDI controller connected to your UA-700, such as the Edirol PCR series or any synthesizer with MIDI out.