RD-700NX: Changing Tones In a Live Set

Tags: rd-700nx
The sound of each live set is a result of the tones it plays. You can have two Upper tones and two Lower tones in a live set. The UPPER 1 and 2 and LOWER 1 and 2 buttons in the LAYER SWITCH/CONTROL area show you the tones that are active in the current live set—if Upper 1 or 2, or Lower 1 or 2 is turned on, its button lights. Here’s how to change these tones.

1. Press a PIANO, E. PIANO, or LIVE SET category button so it lights, and then choose the desired sound within that category.

2. Press LAYER EDIT so it lights.

3. Press the down arrow button to highlight the desired tone onscreen.

Note: The RD-700NX’s PIANO and E. PIANO sounds are based on SuperNATURAL technology and have a unique internal structure in which Upper 1 can’t be selected or changed.

Note: If you highlight a tone that’s not already turned on, its UPPER 1 or 2 or LOWER 1 or 2 button flashes. If you want to activate the tone, press the flashing button so it lights.

When LAYER EDIT is turned on, the PIANO, E. PIANO, and LIVE SET buttons act as shortcut buttons that select tone categories instead of live set categories.

4. Press a PIANO, E. PIANO, or LIVE SET button to select the desired tone category.

5. Use the INC/DEC buttons or the dial to choose a tone in the selected category.

Note: You can also use these steps to change other tones in a live set.