V-BASS: Selecting COSM Amp Settings

Tags: v-bass
The V-Bass system has a wide variety of different COSM amp and speaker models. Use the following procedure to try different COSM amp settings.

1. Select the 15-3 Mod Bass patch.

2. Press COSM AMP.

3. Press F1 [ON/OFF] and turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to turn on amp modeling.

4. Press F4 [TYPE], and turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select and audition amp models. When you’re done, select Bass 360.

5. Press PAGE > or COSM AMP to move through the pages that display the available parameters for each model. For this example, go to Page 4.

6. You can select any displayed parameter you wish to change by pressing the corresponding F button, and turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to set its value. For this example, press F4 to choose the amp speaker type parameter.

7. Turn PATCH /VALUE to try out the available speaker types.

Note: If you want to keep your edits, you must save them as a new user patch.