XV-5080: Initializing the XV-5080 - Restoring the Factory Settings

Tags: xv-5080
The XV-5080 has a Factory Reset function which returns all settings to their
original Factory Settings.
Be sure to save all Samples, User Performances, User Patches and User Rhythm
Sets, as they will be lost during this procedure.
(See page 196 of the owner's manual for instructions on saving data.)
To Reset the XV-5080 to its Factory settings use the following procedure:

1. Press SYSTEM/UTILITY twice so that the indicator light is flashing.
2. Press the RIGHT CURSOR button two times to select "MENU 3."
3. Press F1 (Factory)
4. Press F6 (Factory)
5. Press DEC to turn the Internal Memory Protect Off.
6. Press F6 (OK)
7. Press F6 (Factory).