BR-532: Connecting the BR-532 to the Computer via Optical

Tags: computer,transfer,digital,br-532,optical
There are two ways to transfer tracks to the computer. This way utilizes the digital S/PDIF optical connection on the back of the unit.
In order to transfer tracks to the computer, two tracks at a time or mixing down, the computer needs to have a sound card with an optical in. This isn't a feature found on standard computer sound cards.
Also, when transfering more than two tracks in a series of real-time passes, it is necessary to use a multi-track recording program and a midi interface to synchronize the tracks to start at the same time.
If there is output playing on the MASTER meter, then there is output going out of the optical digital out.

1. Remove the plastic plug from the optical out. If this is already removed then move on to the next step.
2. Insert an optical cable into the digital connection at the back of the BR-532.
3. Connect the opposite end of the cable to the optical in on the computer's sound card.
4. Press PLAY and raise the Rec Track, Rhythm Guide, and Master faders on the BR-532 so that it plays back at the desired level.
5. Press the ZERO button to return to the beginning of the song. Put the computer into record and press PLAY on the BR-532.
6. When the song is finished, press STOP.