TR-8: A Short Tutorial

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Here are the core steps needed to start using your TR-8. 




- Hold CLEAR and press a Pattern number to erase the pattern

- Press TR-REC mode for programming beats


- Select an INSTRUMENT and place it on the steps

- Repeat previous step many times

- The TEMPO knob can be adjusted to change the speed of your beat

- The SHUFFLE knob adjusts shuffle and swing feel in the timing

- Every pattern has an A part and B part, press A or B to navigate between the two



- You can choose between 16 different KITS

- Press KIT, and a pad to change the KIT

- Press INST, and desired instrument to change instrument by hitting a selection on the pads

- Tweak your instrument by using the knobs above. Every instrument has a TUNE and DECAY button. 

- The SNARE and KICK both have a compressor 

- Press the Reverb STEP button, and steps to sequence reverb

- Holding KIT in REVERB MODE will let you apply reverb to specific instruments

- Press INST when in REVERB MODE to choose reverb type.

- DELAY works the same way, and similarly has 8 modes to choose from

- Press INST when in DELAY MODE to choose delay type

- You are able to send audio into EXTERNAL IN

- LEVEL adjusts the volume of the input.

- EXTERNAL IN STEP mode lets you sequence your own sidechain signals



- Scatter chops up your beat

- Choose between 10 different scatter types

- Press DEPTH to intensify the scatter effect



- Press INST PLAY to play the TR-8 like an instrument

- Press INST REC to record in realtime

- Beats quantize automatically

- Press STEP 16 when in INST PLAY to go to MUTE MODE

- Use ROLLS in different combinations to get different results

- Hold TAP and press START/STOP to do an instant restart