GAIA SH-01: How to turn off GM tones


System Update version 1.04 adds the ability to switch off the GM sound engine in the GAIA SH-01. This can be useful if you are controlling the GAIA SH-01 from another MIDI controller, or from a MIDI sequencer, and only want to hear the analog modeling synth engine on one MIDI channel. Here are the steps:

1. Hold down the [CANCEL/SHIFT] button and press the [V-LINK] button to enter the System Setting mode.

2. Hold down the EXT IN [CENTER CANCEL ON] button and press the [EFFECTS ON/OFF] button to switch the "GM Parts Switch" ON and OFF.

* You can confirm the parameter setting by verifying the following light condition while holding down the EXT IN [CENTER CANCEL ON] button.

[EFFECTS ON/OFF] lights up: GM Parts Switch is ON.
[EFFECTS ON/OFF] lights down: GM Parts Switch is OFF.