NRPN for Changing the Filter Resonance

Tags: m-vs1,m-se1,m-oc1,m-dc1,m-bd1
An NRPN (Non Registered Parameter) message allows use of control messages which are not part of the MIDI Specification and may be unique to an individual product. A message must be sent specifying the parameter (such as filter resonance) to be controlled. Then Data Entry messages are sent to specify the value of the selected parameter. Once an NRPN parameter has been selected, Data Entry messages received on that channel can modify the parameter in real time. The M-series can use NRPN messages to control a variety of parameters. Send the following NRPNs to change the filter resonance:

- Controller 99 with a value of 01
- Controller 98 with a value of 33.
- Controller 06 with a value between 14 - 114.

NOTE: Controller 06 can be used as a continuous controller to vary the filter in real time or to set the filter to a fixed amount by sending a single value.