FR-8X: How to Adjust the feel of the Bellows

Tags: v-accordion,bellows,fr-8x,Dynamic bellows behavior

How to Adjust the feel of the bellows

One of the most significant differences of the FR-8X is the introduction of the Dynamic Bellows Behavior feature.  This feature allows you to customize the feel of the bellows, whether you like them difficult to pull, or a little on the loose side.  

The two adjustable parameters within the feature are: resistance and bellows curve type.  The more you increase the resistance, the harder the bellows will be to pull.   The bellows curve type provides the user with 8 different settings, ranging from extra-light to extra-heavy. The lighter the setting, the easier the bellows will be to pull.  You can select the fixed bellows setting if you don’t want to have to pull the bellows at all.  You also have the option of turning the dynamic bellows behavior feature on or off, in the case that you don’t like how it affects the bellows.

A couple suggestions for settings that are equivalent to a typical acoustic accordion feel would be standard, light, and extra light, found in the bellows curve type parameter.

To use this feature:

1) Start by pressing the menu button.

2) Next, using the data/enter knob, scroll until you reach menu 14, titled System, and press the knob to enter the System parameters.

3) The first screen you’ll see is the Dynamic Bellows Behavior Screen.  Here, you can adjust all of the available settings mentioned above.  Simply use the data/enter knob to navigate between the different parameters.