XV-5050: Making a Part Ignore Hold/Sustain Messages in Performance Mode

Tags: pedal,xv-5050,sustain,hold
The following procedure explains how to set a single Part in a Performance to ignore hold (sustain) messages from incoming MIDI signals.

1. Press PERFORM so it is lit.

2. Select the part you wish to edit with the LEFT or RIGHT Part Cursors.

3. Press EDIT so it is lit.

4. CURSOR LEFT to make sure the blinking line is to the right of "PERFORM:"

4. Rotate VALUE DIAL until the top of the screen reads "PERFORM:MIDI."

5. Press CURSOR RIGHT 1 time.

6. Rotate the VALUE DIAL until the lower left of the screen reads "Rx Hold-1."

7. CURSOR RIGHT 1 time.

8. Rotate VALUE DIAL counter clockwise to "Off."

9. Press EXIT.