UA-101: Using the Edirol UA-101 with Macintosh OS 9.

Tags: os,ua-101,os9,9.1,9.2
Under OS 9, the UA-101 will work with audio programs that support ASIO drivers. It will not work for the operating system's output.
To set up the UA-101 for use with OS 9, use the following procedure;

1. On the back of the UA-101, use a small tool to move the "Hi-Speed USB mode switch" to the down or "off" position.

- The switch is a small white tab located next to the "Phantom" switch.

2. On the front of the unit, turn the "sample rate" knob to "44.1" or "48".
3. Be sure the UA-101 is NOT connected to the computer, and run the driver installer located on the installation CD or downloaded from
4. When installation is complete, move the files from the ASIO folder on the installation cd or download to the ASIO folder for your recording program.
5. Go to your control panel and select "extensions manager".
6. Scroll through the list until you find "USB UA-101 Driver" and put a check or "x" in the box next to it.
7. Click on "Duplicate Set". Enter a unique name and press enter.
8. Press the RESTART button to restart the computer.

When your computer restarts, turn on the UA-101 and connect it to the computer via USB. Open your recording program, and go the audio preferences/settings. Select the ASIO driver appropriate for your program: (ASIO 1.0 or 2.0; 16-bit or 24-bit).

NOTE: Even though the UA-101 is a 10-channel device, you will only be able to use 2-channels. To use 10-channels, you must have usb 2.0 ports on your computer for the extra bandwidth. USB 2.0 did not exist when os 9 was released.