VS-2480: Phrase Sequencing in Real-time

Tags: vs-2480
1. To view one of the PRASE SEQUENCE screens, press UTILITY and navigate to page 4. Press F1 to select PHRASE SEQ.

2. If PHRASE PAD PLAY/PHRASE SEQ isn’t already lit solid red, hold down SHIFT and press PHRASE PAD PLAYPHRASE SEQ so that it is solid red.

3. Turn the PHRASE SEQ STATUS button to red for the phrase pad(s) you want to record in a sequence.
4. Press PHRASE PAD PLAY/PHRASE SEQ again so that it flashes red. This shows that the phrase sequencer is ready to record.

5. Press ZERO to rewind to the start of the project, or move the timeline to the location in the project where you want to start recording.

6. Press PLAY and play the phrase pads as desired.

7. When you’ve finished, press STOP- your performance should appear in the playlist of the PHRASE SEQUENCE screen.

8. Press PHRASE PAD PLAY/PHRASE SEQ so that it’s lit solid red.

9. Press ZERO, or move to the desired location.

10. Press PLAY to hear what you just sequenced.

11. If you’re satisfied with what you recorded turn the PHRASE SEQ STATUS button to green so that you don’t inadvertently record over that sequence track.

12. If you’d like to try again -recording over your first attempt- repeat steps 4-10.

13. Repeat the steps for any additional tracks.