Fantom, FA-76: Setting the Fantom to Work With an External Sequencer

Tags: sequence,computer,multi,fantom,fa-76,sequencing,timbral
The Fantom can easily be integrated into an external sequencing environment.

The following are the most common settings necessary to use the Fantom as both a controller and sound module with an external sequencer:

1. Press MODE.

2. Turn the VALUE dial to select "Multitimbre."

3. Press 8 "Select."

4. Use the CURSOR keys and the VALUE dial to select "PRST:01 FANTOM Temp."

NOTE: By selecting Multitimbre Mode and "PRST:01 FANTOM Temp" you will be able to use 16 different Patches or Rhythm Kits, each on their own MIDI channel.

5. Press MENU.

6. Turn the VALUE dial to select "System Edit."

7. Press 8 "Select."

8. Press 1 repeatedly to select "General."

9. Use the CURSOR buttons and VALUE dial to set "Local Switch" to "OFF."

NOTE: By setting the Local Switch to off, the keyboard will no longer directly trigger the sounds of the Fantom. Instead, MIDI information will be sent to the sequencer, allowing the sequencer to route the MIDI information back to the Fantom to trigger a Patch or Rhythm Kit. For monitoring purposes you will want to turn the external sequencer's "Soft Through" setting "ON".

10. Press 2 to select "Sequencer."

11. Use the CURSOR buttons and VALUE dial to set "Soft Through" to "OFF."

NOTE: It is important to turn the Fantom's "Soft Through" setting "OFF" to prevent a MIDI feedback loop from occurring.

12. Press 2 to select "MIDI."

13. Use the CURSOR buttons and VALUE dial to set "Remote Keyboard Sw" to "OFF."

NOTE: When the "Remote Keyboard Switch" is turned "ON", the Fantom automatically channelizes all incoming MIDI information to play the currently selected Part of a Multitimbre. This would prevent the Fantom from being used as a multitimbral sound source.

14. Press EXIT to return to the Multitimbre page.

NOTE: These settings, along with the proper configuration of the external sequencer, will enable playing the Fantom's keyboard and hearing the sound that is assigned to the current track's MIDI channel. If you are not hearing the Fantom when you play the keyboard, double check that the external sequencer's "Soft Through" is turned "On." Also, be sure that the Fantom's MIDI Out is plugged into the sequencer's MIDI In and the Fantom's MIDI In is plugged into the sequencer's MIDI Out.