BR-1180CD: Calling up Scenes Automatically (Auto Scene)

Tags: automix,version,br-1180cd,marker,mark,scene,2,auto
In Version 2 software, scenes can be assigned to markers. Then the scenes can be called up automatically during playback and recording whenever a point set with a marjer is passed. This gives the unit automated control of track faders and effects.

1. First, go to the location where the desired automation is to take place.
2. Hold down STOP and press MARK. The marker will record the way the track faders, effects, and other settings are positioned. An "S" will appear at the top-left of the screen next to MARK.
3. Press ZERO to reset the song to the beginning and press PLAY to playback the song and hear the changes.
4. To have these settings remembered, hold down STOP and press REC to store the song.